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Why we are hosting this event?

This event is aimed at encouraging the IDOMA sons and daughters home and away to shun social vices and also to recognise them in their various field of Specialization in and out of Benue State. Considering the recent ills that has left our land in fluster.

Aims and objective

*To celebrate IDOMA sons and daughters who have prevailed in various aspects of life. *To encourage youth to be self reliant. *To create an initiative amongs Benue residence and Benue at large *To promote Otukpo skills/talents *To initiate unity and togetherness *To make sure we meet up with world standard of Fashion and Acknowledgement


It’s The Best event.

email: info@otukpofashionweek.com.ng

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Award recipient- James Oche (Dr Lee)

Award Recipient- Owie Abutu

One of our own.

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